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Project Information

  • Category: Web Design | Hosting | SEO
  • Client: Sidebeton Construction
  • Project Date: February, 2024
  • Project URL:

Website Details

SideBeton Construction Company was founded and started to work in 1987 as the need for a scientific and modern construction industry was felt with the aim of keeping up with the increasingly growing trend of construction. Among the first projects of SideBeton are cooperation in the reconstruction of the country during the peak years of the imposed war and construction activity in war-torn cities like Ilam and Marivan.

The timely completion and delivery of more than 40 large civil contracts with desirable quality and receiving honorable consents and acknowledgements from respected institutions and employers all indicate the coherent organizational and managerial structure of this company and the quick and high-quality execution of performed projects.

MOMOAF Web Development Agency, renowned for its expertise in crafting captivating online experiences, has once again demonstrated its prowess by designing and developing a brilliant website for SIDEBETON Construction Company. Specializing in hospital construction, SIDEBETON required a digital platform that not only reflected its commitment to excellence but also conveyed its expertise in building healthcare facilities of the highest standards. MOMOAF Agency rose to the occasion, meticulously weaving together elements of sleek design, seamless functionality, and compelling content to create a website that resonates with SIDEBETON's values and aspirations. Through intuitive navigation and visually engaging layouts, the website showcases SIDEBETON's impressive portfolio of hospital projects, highlighting its innovative approach to healthcare infrastructure development. From state-of-the-art medical facilities to patient-centric design principles, every aspect of SIDEBETON's expertise is brought to life on the digital canvas, establishing the company as a trusted leader in the field. With MOMOAF Agency's ingenuity and attention to detail, SIDEBETON's website serves as a beacon of inspiration for healthcare professionals and stakeholders alike, setting a new standard for excellence in hospital construction.

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