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Project Information

  • Category: Web Design
  • Client: AL-SARAJ Construction
  • Project Date: July, 2023
  • Project URL:


The design and optimization of the website of Al-Saraj Company was implemented by Momoaf with the latest methods of design and optimization of the website in a responsive manner. Al-Saraj Company is active in the fields of the implementation of various construction projects, interior design, Exterior design, management, and exploitation projects.

In order to increase its services in its domestic and foreign markets, the Al-Saraj company website was designed and optimized by the Momoaf team after numerous meetings and with a full understanding of the activities of the Al-Saraj company website in the first stage. According to the determined target markets, analysis and design of the website's graphic format were done, and after that, it was programmed completely exclusively in accordance with the latest SEO algorithms and security functions.

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